Hi, I’m Hillary! I am the face behind Hill & Hazel and I am so glad you are here. I first started Hill & Hazel back in 2019 with my amazing husband Tate. We first started H&H in our tiny little townhome, and we actually converted our dining space to our “warehouse”. Talk about a dedicated and cheerleader of a husband (ha!). I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Apparel Studies, and a LOVE for clothes. I actually graduated and then went on to work and live in Branson, Missouri for four years. I worked at a Jesus loving gap year program called Link Year, where I discipled and poured into girls as my full time job. It was awesome. I then met my husband Tate, we dated and got married within 9 months (when you know you know), and then immediately moved to Belgium. Yep, the country. My husband played professional basketball overseas and we ended up living in Belgium for the next two years. Hang with me, we are circling back to how we got here I promise. When we moved back to the States, we had a sweet little 6 month old (Bentley- she’s a HOOT), and I had an itch to do something. I have always had a heart for clothes and fashion and also for helping women. I never really knew how those two would go hand in hand until I dreamt of Hill & Hazel.


I remember bringing my idea to Tate, and he was 100% onboard from the beginning. He actually pushed ME to carry out my vision and dream. He has always been the biggest cheerleader from day one. Ladies, if you haven’t already, get you a guy who will be your biggest cheerleader!! Anyways, H&H was first opened for business October 28 2019. I will never forget those couple days leading up to our first launch. I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure if anyone would buy anything. I was constantly questioning everything. Was it crazy to start this business?! There’s no going back now. Crap. What did I do. All thoughts I had that launch day. Haha! But people showed up. I will never forget that night. I was filled with such peace and such excitement and KNEW God’s hands were all over this business. That night Tate and I stayed up until 2 in the morning packing orders, and it stayed like that for the first year of H&H. We then moved into a warehouse and rearranged to more sustainable hours (goodbye midnight packing!!), and have been so thankful and honored to watch H&H grow.


This business of mine is all about SERVICE. I want you to feel served when you visit our website and choose to shop with us. This is so much more than clothes for me. I want women to feel heard, seen, and loved. I want to help women feel beautiful and confident. It’s not clothes or your outward appearance that make you feel those things, but sometimes a comfy cute outfit can help with that. Can I get an amen??? So THANK YOU for choosing to shop with us. I know you have a million options out there, so it means the world to me that you would choose us. We do not take that lightly. We are honored to serve you! Now get on to the good stuff and check out our new arrivals we have this week ;)